BYU Majors

BYU Majors

BYU offers nearly 200 different majors to students in a variety of areas, fields, and specialties. With so many options, BYU students are sure to find something that interests them.

Help Choosing a Major

With such a variety of subjects to study, it is sometimes difficult for students to pick a major. Help in choosing a major and career informationĀ is offered at the university advisement center. Course descriptions and requirements can all be found through the undergraduate catalog'sĀ list of majors.

You will be asked to choose a major when you apply, but this is not a binding declaration. Be aware that some majors at BYU are limited enrollment, you have to apply to those majors after you have been admitted to the university.

Top 10 Majors

Currently the top 10 majors by enrollment are the following:

  1. Exercise Science
  2. Elementary Education
  3. Psychology
  4. Management
  5. English
  6. Public Health
  7. Computer Science
  8. Family Life
  9. Chemical Engineering
  10. Communications

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