Former Students

  • Post-Bacc Student

You are considered a Former Student if you have previously been admitted and enrolled as a regular day-time student, and are applying to return to BYU with or without additional credit.

Note: If you have graduated from BYU with a Bachelor's degree, then you are not eligible for undergraduate admission to BYU; please contact our Graduate Studies department for information about continuing your education. 

Admission Application Tips

  • The deadline to apply as a former student is the same as each semester's appropriate application deadline. Former students will be notified of admission decisions approximately 4 weeks after the admission application deadline.
  • You will apply at using the same NetID and password that you used when previously attending BYU. You will need to update the General Student Information and Ecclesiastical Endorsement parts of the application. 
  • You may have completed additional credit since attending BYU. If so, you will need to send transcripts showing all work you have completed since attending BYU previously. 
  • Students who have already been admitted to BYU will not need to re-pay the application fee to re-apply
  • Students who have not had day-continuing eligibility, but did participate in Study Abroad or Continuing Education are considered transfer students.