Holistic Admission Review

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What is a Holistic Review?

There is no secret formula for admission to BYU. All applications go through a holistic review process. You should take the application for admission seriously and the work submitted should be your own. Your application should illustrate your efforts, accomplishments, and goals.

A BYU education is designed to be spiritually strengthening, intellectually enlarging, and character building, which all lead to lifelong learning and service. We invite you to consider the four Aims of a BYU Education as you contemplate applying to this great university:

"The founding charge of BYU is to teach every subject with the Spirit." BYU provides a world-class education within a spiritual environment. You should be able to contribute to and appreciate this learning atmosphere.

We recommend attending and graduating from seminary as well as regularly participating in church meetings and activities.

"Members of the BYU community rigorously study academic subjects in the light of divine truth." You should take challenging courses during high school to ready yourself for a rigorous and rewarding BYU experience. We recommend that you explore the majors offered at the university to ensure we offer a program that interests you.

"BYU has always cared as much about strong moral character as about great mental capability." You should have a strong work ethic and be able to demonstrate resilience. You should be respectful of others, work well with diverse groups, honor commitments, and have integrity in all that you do. We recommend pursuing a life consistent with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Students “enter to learn” at BYU and then “go forth to serve.” We expect our graduates to use what they learn to make the world a better place. We recommend beginning now to cultivate a love of learning and a sincere desire to serve others.