International Admission Application

International Student Application

Admission Application

What do I need to apply?

To apply, you must:

Note: Failure to disclose complete academic history or any falsification of information required for admission consideration may result in immediate suspension and loss of all credit earned at BYU.


The application will allow you to apply simultaneously to BYU, BYU-Hawaii, BYU-Idaho, or LDS Business College. Before completing the School Selection section, please carefully consider where you want to apply. Once you have finished the Introduction portion of this application, your status page will show a checklist of everything you need to do before you can submit your application.  

If you submit your application to one or more schools and later choose to apply to another, you may be required to withdraw your submitted application in order to complete additional required information.


The profile section includes filling out your citizenship, contact information, and other biographic info. You will also be able to link your LDS account, which will allow us to verify if you are a member of the LDS church and automatically enter your seminary and institute information later in the application.


This section includes your Educational History, Recommendations, Essays, and Activities information:

Educational History

In this section you will report your academic work from high school or college, including college credits you may have completed while in high school. Use the links below for help with completing this step:

BYU will ask for four kinds of recommendations. Plan ahead. It is your responsibility to work with your ecclesiastical leaders, seminary teachers, and other recommenders to ensure that their recommendations get submitted. Only the required recommendations asked for and submitted via the application will be accepted or considered for admission purposes:

  1. Ecclesiastical endorsement – All applicants will need to have an endorsement to apply. Members of the LDS faith will need to meet with the bishop and a member of the stake presidency from the ward/stake in which their records are located. Currently-serving missionaries will have one interview with their mission president.

    If you are not a member of the LDS faith, you have the option of completing the endorsement with your own religious leader or with a local LDS bishop or mission president (to find a local LDS leader, enter your address into the meetinghouse locator tool). Once you have decided how you would like to complete the endorsement, go to There you can select a local LDS leader and complete the process using the online tool, or you may request a paper form to take to your preferred religious leader.

  2. Seminary Recommendation – For freshman applicants: a request will be submitted to your seminary teacher to complete a recommendation. Students who are not currently attending seminary will self-report this section.
  3. High School Teacher – For freshman applicants: This recommendation must be completed by a math, English, or science teacher who taught you in your junior or senior year. The application contains a form for you to request this recommendation by providing your instructor’s email address.
  4. Other – This recommendation may be completed by a person of your choice. This may be an employer, religious leader, coach, teacher, or another individual who knows you well. Please choose someone other than an immediate family member. The application contains a form for you to request this recommendation by providing this individual’s email address.

Use your best writing skills to fully answer the essay prompts in the application. Tell us about the experiences and characteristics that are important to you as an individual.

While you have most likely been involved in many different activities, you will have the opportunity to write about only two in this section. Choose activities that have been significant to you in order to help us understand you as an individual.

Submitting the Application

You cannot submit your application until each requirement is complete. The submit button is found at the bottom of the status page. Please note that once you have submitted your application, if you wish to change or provide additional information in the future, you may be required to withdraw your application.

Note: If you are applying to BYU, the date of your most recent application submission is what will be considered for housing purposes.