Mission Deferments

Making the decision to serve a full-time mission is an important step in the life of any young Latter-day Saint. It is our strong desire to help you prepare to leave the university in a manner that will allow the easiest possible transition back to BYU.

If you have read the terms and conditions of the missionary deferment listed below, you may access the online missionary enrollment and scholarship deferment.

To keep track of everything you need to do to defer for your mission, please visit the OneStop Missionary Checklist.

Deferment Conditions

BYU students who want to defer their enrollment for an LDS mission must complete a missionary deferment form. To defer enrollment and scholarship (if applicable) without reapplying, the following conditions should be met:

  • Be admitted as a regular day school, degree-seeking student at Brigham Young University.
  • Do not be on academic dismissal from BYU.
  • Complete a full mission and receive an ecclesiastical endorsement from your mission president. Failure to complete the mission, for any reason (medical, etc.), will void the deferment form and require reapplication to BYU.
  • Return for the semester or term indicated on the missionary deferment form.

The missionary deferment form should be submitted online after receiving your mission call and before the end of the semester in which you are due to enroll. This policy applies to all students, regardless of whether they are newly admitted or have continuing status. Students who are admitted for spring or summer term will have until the end of fall semester to submit their deferment. 

A leave of absence may be taken directly prior to a missionary deferment (consecutive semesters). However, a leave of absence may not be taken during the first semester to which you are admitted.

Following your mission, you must enroll at Brigham Young University within a given time period, as noted below.

The following shows when you must enroll:

Return From Mission Enroll No Later Than
October - April Fall Semester
May - September Winter Semester

If you are registered for a future semester or term, but will be unable to attend due to your mission, you are responsible for discontinuing from the courses prior to leaving the university. 

International Student Missionary Deferment

International Services, 1351 WSC, (801) 422-2695

The guidelines above also apply to international students.

If you are an international student who plans to serve a mission, you should check with International Services regarding special concerns, regulations, or needed actions that are specific to various countries. 

Some Important Points to Remember

  • As you gather all the materials pertinent to your return to BYU, including your academic record and other confidential material, make sure to choose a place for them that will be secure and offer the privacy needed.
  • Designate an individual to assist you in academic matters while you are away. Do not assume that individuals who are not familiar with the university or have not been at the university in several years will be able to do everything that needs to be accomplished. Train this person on how to use the materials you will gather and how to use MyMAP. Make sure he or she understands what needs to happen. Your designee may be a sibling, parent, or anyone else you trust to complete these important steps.
  • Carefully consider your missionary calendar and determine with the person assisting you what needs to be done and when so that the deadlines are met.
  • Use this website as an information-gathering tool.
  • You must attend the semester or term in which you indicated you would be returning. If you need to change your anticipated return to school, you will need to contact Student Services (422-2507) to change your deferment date.
  • Before returning home you will need to have a new ecclesiastical endorsement from your mission president. When you fill out the endorsement on endorsement.byu.edu, please make sure you fill out a new or a returning endorsement. If you fill out a continuing endorsement you may not be able to register on your appointed registration date. 


Prior to leaving you should determine which courses to register for when you return. You may want to meet with an advisor in your college advisement center for help in determining an appropriate schedule. 

Although you may be knowledgeable about the university core requirements, please remember that the person who will register for you may need a thorough explanation of your options. 

Be aware of the following as you gather information:

  • Progress report—Acquire a copy of your progress report. Keep this report with your packet of information.
  • Current/last semester grades—If you request your progress report prior to completing the semester, be sure to record the grades from your last semester's courses. They may be helpful to your registration.
  • Advisor—An advisor can help you explore which courses best meet your needs upon returning to BYU. Also, some parents and friends prefer to talk with someone who has reviewed your records.

Important Registration Information

You can contact the Registration Office at B-150 ASB, (801) 422-2631, or records@byu.edu.

Giving Someone Else Access to Your Account While You Are Gone

BYU must follow federal privacy laws. To authorize a third party (e.g. parent) to have access to your academic information for registration, you do the following:

Give a third party online access to some information on your account by going to guestaccess.byu.edu. They will need to have their own Net ID and password in order for you to add them as a guest.

It is very important for you to review registration instructions with your third party. Please choose someone you trust.

Registration Holds

If you were on academic warning or probation your last semester at BYU, you will have a hold that prevents registration. If you have a hold, contact the appropriate office to resolve the issue.

Class Schedule and Catalogs

The class schedules and catalogs help you explore majors, courses, and important policy information. These are available online at catalog.byu.edu.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

OneStop Student Services, D-155 ASB, (801) 422-4104

If you are a recipient of scholarships or federal financial aid, you should check with the Financial Aid Office regarding deferment or repayment. 

For example, if you have any type of federal student loan, you will need to contact your lender and apply for possible deferment or forbearance while you are away from school. 

If you received any other type of financial aid, you may wish to discuss payment, reapplication, eligibility, etc., with a financial aid representative. Please keep written notes of the information like the date of the meeting, the representative's name, and important deadlines. 

Go to financialaid.byu.edu > Mission Deferment for more information.

BYU Student Health Plan

2310 SHC, (801) 422-2661 or (801) 422-4460 

If you are currently on the student health plan, you must notify the Health Plan Business Office before you leave BYU. You are not eligible for the health plan while you are on your mission. When you return you are eligible to sign up for the student health plan one semester prior to being enrolled as a 3/4 time student. Please contact our office for more information on this. If you do not enroll prior to being 3/4 time you will need to go through myBYU and choose the student health plan or provide proof of private insurance. This must also be done each fall semester.

Ecclesiastical Endorsements

A-209 ASB, (801) 422-5000 

Before returning to BYU you will need to have a current ecclesiastical endorsement from your mission president. Sometime in the last few months of your mission you will need to initiate an endorsement request at endorsement.byu.edu and make an appointment with your mission president to have the endorsement interview. Once that is complete you should be able to register for classes on your designated registration date. 

International Missions

The government requires a TB test after a mission for anyone who serves a mission outside the United States. A student can set up an appointment to have the TB test by calling the Student Health Center at (801) 422-2771. A small fee is charged for the test. The county health department can also administer the test for a minimal fee. If the test is taken at the Utah County Health Department, you will need to fax appropriate documentation to BYU Medical Records at (801) 422-0761.

Although you will be allowed to register for the first semester following your mission, all subsequent registrations will be blocked until documentation of the TB test is received by BYU.