Part-Time Work

Part-Time Work

There are many benefits to working part-time while enrolled as a student at BYU. Part-time employment allows students to gain meaningful work experience, help pay for their expenses, and learn to manage their time. College work experience can also help students build their resumes, gain new skills, develop talents, and provide references for their future careers.

Income earned from part-time work can help pay for tuition, rent, and other expenses incurred while in school. This income may also help reduce reliance on parents or financial aid.

On-Campus Employment

Each year about 15,000 students work on campus. These students enjoy student-friendly schedules ranging from 10-20 hours a week, along with the convenience of working within walking distance of their classes.

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Off-Campus Employment

For students who want to gain off-campus work experience, there are also numerous jobs available in the Provo community.