In addition to affordable tuition rates, selected BYU students may qualify to receive a scholarship. BYU seeks to recognize students who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership skills, financial need, or unique talents. 

BYU scholarship funds are provided through tithes of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, along with offerings from generous friends of the university. Scholarships are awarded in order to encourage continued commitment to spiritual and intellectual growth. The gift of a scholarship assumes an obligation on the part of the recipient to use that investment wisely while preparing for continual and purposeful service in the Lord's kingdom.

Academic Awards

Approximately 25 percent of incoming freshmen receive an academic scholarship from the university. Target figures for these awards are as follows:

Russell M. Nelson (multi-year) 50 awarded
Heritage/Nat'l Merit/Presidential 200 awarded
Brigham Young (1 year, full LDS tuition) 400 awarded
Brigham Young (1 year, half LDS tuition) 1,000 awarded

To apply, complete the Scholarship Application.

Applying for Scholarships

The university offers a limited number of scholarships based on academics, financial need, and other factors. All students must complete a scholarship application by the appropriate scholarship deadline in order to be considered. Transfer and former students can apply for need based and other scholarships. transfer students must complete at least one full enrollment (12 credit hours) at BYU to be considered for academic scholarships. For more complete information, please visit:


Talent awards

Talent awards are available in the areas of art, athletics, communications, dance, design, music, and theatre and media arts. For these awards, demonstrated ability is a more important criterion than scholastic achievement. For further information and application materials, contact the appropriate department directly (preferably by December 1 of the senior year).

Art (801) 422-8773
Athletics (801) 422-2096
Communications (801) 422-2997
Dance (801) 422-5086
Design (801) 422-8773
Music (801) 422-8903
Theatre and Media Arts (801) 422-6645

Off-Campus Scholarships

In addition to scholarships available from BYU, we recommend that students search out and apply for off-campus scholarships. College advisement centers, high school counselors, the local BYU Alumni chapter chair, and the general reference section of the library are good resources to help students find potential scholarships.

To search for off-campus scholarships, the following website may be helpful:

To learn more about off-campus scholarships, visit

ROTC Military Awards

The university has both Air Force and Army ROTC programs on campus. These ROTC units offer competitive scholarships to students enrolling in their programs. Applicants should contact the ROTC department by December 1 of the senior year.

Aerospace Studies (Air Force) (801) 422-2671
Military Science (Army) (801) 422-7725

Russell M Nelson Presidential Scholarship

The Russell M Nelson Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship offered to incoming LDS freshmen, and is named after the current prophet and president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Strong commitment to gospel principles, academic excellence, exceptional leadership skills, and service characteristics are all criteria for the presidential awards. The scholarship is offered to 25 young men and 25 young women each year.

  • Russell M Nelson (four years, 150% of full LDS tuition)

To apply, complete the BYU scholarship application.