Admissions Forms

Information about how to begin the application and what parts are required, as well as a description of each part. 

Application Deadlines

Application Deadlines for freshmen and transfer applicants.

Entrance Averages

BYU uses a holistic review process. This means that all parts of the application are considered. A certain GPA or ACT score does not guarantee admission.

Flyover Campus

Admission decisions are guided by the philosophy found in the University Statement on Fostering an Enriched Environment, which states the following:

"The Mission of Brigham Young University - founded, supported, and guided by The Church...

Transcript/Score Submission

Full disclosure of your academic history is required in the application process. These documents must be postmarked by the appropriate application deadline to avoid being considered late.

Transfer Credit

Note: View the current transfer guides to see how your credits will transfer to BYU.

College credit earned from other institutions must be included in the admission application. College transcripts will be reviewed by Transfer Evaluation Services...

AP/IB Classes

See the current guides on which AP or IB test scores qualify for BYU credit here.

BYU encourages students to enroll in AP (Advanced Placement) or IB (International Baccalaureate) classes where available. 

Attending Spring and Summer

Here it is, our best kept secret. Attend spring and summer!

As a new student to BYU, starting summer term instead of fall offers great advantages that few students realize. We want you to benefit from these advantages and start attending BYU...

Harold B Lee Library

One of the most common questions fielded by the BYU Admissions office centers on the perceived value of concurrent college work when compared to enrollment in AP or IB classes.