Verifying Finances

Tuition Charges

Total Cost

For a total breakdown of costs, visit the Count the Cost page located at the financial aid website.

Two Semester Cost of Attendance at BYU 
LDS Tuition
Fixed cost based on full-time enrollment
$ 5,620
Non-LDS Tuition
Fixed cost based on full-time enrollment
$ 11,240
Room and Board
Undergrad based on Helaman Halls shared room and 
Dining Dollars Blue meal plan. Cost varies depending
on student's choice of on- or off-campus housing
$ 7,628
Books and Supplies
Cost varies depending on requirements for
enrolled courses
$ 848
Personal Expenses*
Cost varies depending on personal spending choices
$ 2,288
Cost varies depending on method of
$ 2,392
Loan Fees $ 60
LDS Total: $ 18,836
Non-LDS Total: $ 24,456

Amounts for tuition and books & supplies will be reduced for less than full-time enrollment which can affect your loan eligibility. Please reference the following link for less than full-time enrollment, and for full details regarding the costs of attendance: 

*Personal expenses include the cost of BYU health insurance premiums for a single student. BYU health insurance is required if you are not covered by another annual policy. Students are billed each semester and term for the entire academic year including future periods of non-attendance.

Financial Verification for International Applicants

International students who are admitted to the university will need to verify finances covering the cost of attendance for the first year. You will need to complete the following requirements:

Deposit Policy
In order for students to be successful academically at Brigham Young University (BYU), they must have a solid financial plan. All undergraduate international students (those in F-1 or J-1 status) are required to deposit $4,000 USD in an escrow account at BYU following notification of their admission. Students will not be able to register for classes, nor will any student visa paperwork be initiated until the deposit is paid. Read the full Deposit Policy here.

Financial Verification
All admitted international students are required to provide verification of financial ability. Admitted international students must complete the affidavit of support accompanied with the most recent copy of a bank statement for them and/or their sponsor. A registration hold is placed on the student's file until finances have been adequately proven.

Generally speaking, international students require the support of a sponsor to prove financial ability. Students are responsible for securing this sponsor (i.e., parents, government, other). This individual (or these individuals) should be a viable financial resource to the student.